Welcome to Mark Stevens Piano Lessons For Children

Thank you for visiting the site of Mark Stevens, children’s piano instructor. Stevens is a thorough and experienced instructor eager to impart his love of music to his students. He offers afternoon and evening lessons to children and young adults of all skill levels. Whether your child is an experienced player seeking to expand their repertoire or coming to the piano as a novice, Mark’s patience, expertise, and enthusiasm will guide their journey.

The piano is widely regarded as the ideal instrument for children. In addition to instilling a sense of discipline, the piano teaches musical concepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm in a manner that is especially suited to young learners. Stevens works with children from the ages of six to eighteen years.

Mark understands the difference a good teacher can make and is committed to preparing his students for the consistent challenges and rewards that playing piano will offer them. Stevens instructs his students using the John W. Schaum method along with the Hanon Book of Piano Exercises and his students come from all over Monterey County. Mark’s studio is in close proximity to several schools and an ideal location for parents to bring their children.