About Mark

Mark Stevens, Piano Lessons
Mark Stevens has been involved in the arts for most of his professional life and enjoyed a diverse career as a teacher and performing artist. Beginning piano lessons at age six, Stevens teaches piano to children ages six to eighteen using the John W. Schaum Piano Course (the very course he learned from as a child).

Having a good teacher is of paramount importance, especially in the early stages of a child’s piano studies. Children are coming of age in an era in which pushing a button affords instant gratification. Learning piano requires time, effort, and commitment and there are no shortcuts.

Additionally, a child has a greater chance of success when parents become involved with their practice sessions. Children appreciate it when parents applaud their efforts during practices and recitals. It is equally important to recognize the difficulties your child faces and encourage him or her to persevere. With just one year of consistent practice and parental support, your child will make significant strides.